Frequently Asked Questions

What's LookSee all about?

LookSee is a picture rating app that lets people find their best profile picture by getting others' true first impression on multiple (and not just physical) traits.

It was created as a way to manage personal branding and public image by taking the guesswork out of the profile pic selection process for professional networking, online dating, or any other social networking purpose.

Free, you say?

Ya that's right. The app is currently free to use. Some premium features are coming down the line, but rating others, getting rated, and seeing your results will always be free.

Whoa, that 20 seconds goes by fast! Can you slow it down?

LookSee is all about first impressions. Your mind draws its conclusions in a mere 1 or 2 seconds, so we're giving you a few more just to capture your thoughts. It seems fast the first couple of times, but time definitely slows down once you get in a rhythm.

Do people know who I am when I rate them?

Nope. All ratings are 100% anonymous.

Can people who rate me find out who I am?

Nope. Every picture you upload stands on its own. No nicknames, no profiles, just honest opinions.

I want to know if I'm an 8.93 out of 10; what gives?

LookSee presents results in natural language across multiple traits. It's nice to get a high overall numerical rating, but LookSee lets you see exactly why you leave that great first impression, so you can pick your best profile picture for the right context.

Can I see a comparison of how I rate people vs. the average?

Absolutely. You can check out deeper details of all ratings through your personal Manage page.

How many ratings can I receive?

There's no limit on the number of people who can rate your picture. All the more reason to regularly check in on your results as they evolve over time.